MEGA - manufacturer of commercial vehicles, axles and truck body

MEGA is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of self-dumping semitrailers (dumpers), box semitrailers and axes for trailers and semitrailers. 

The plant also makes bodies for dumper and box type vehicles and assembles power hydraulics installations. 

Steel Structures Department delivers, among other things, crane parts for shipbuilding industry.

The plant is located in Nysa, 70 km from Wrocław. Production area consists of 50,000 sq.m. of shop floor. The size of the entire plant is 140,000 sq.m.

Materials and parts for MEGA semitrailers are supplied by: Swedish steelworks and companies KNORR, HALDEX, SKF, SACHS, JURID, AIRTECH, JOST, HYVA, PENTA, ASPOCK and other producers renowned worldwide for their quality.

Production quality is controlled according to the quality management system ISO 9001 implemented in March 2008 by TUV Nord. 

With the sales network of OPOLTRANS with over 40 branches we make sure detailed information about MEGA products is available to our clients.

Thanks to the quality and durability of MEGA semitrailers and axes we have clients in Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other European and Asian countries. Many inspections and durability tests carried out in Germany and Ukraine have shown the operational reliability of MEGA semitrailers and axes in difficult road conditions, also for reloading.

Construction solutions, parts and materials used in our products have been selected so as to guarantee to user fail-safe operation, low operating costs and availability of parts throughout Europe and Asia.

MEGA disc axes are maintenance free, with guaranteed reliability on long runs and with heavy loads.

MEGA products guarantee lasting satisfaction to users.